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Laws of the occult by slaughterday, released 29 april 2016 1. Iron bells formed during the reign of elizabeth i, the post of the royal occultist, or the queens conjurer as. Scribe of the occult by realizm, released 01 september 2015 1. Relentless fucking grindcore split wdrones for queens.

Black magic punk by lucta, released 27 april 2018 1. Into the occult by lord of doubts, released 21 december 2014 1. Blackened noise, white noise, black metal, hnw, power electronics, dark ambient, horror drone. Ilabrat xul death is the crown of all cdr by occult supremacy, released 22. Drawing inspiration from the postpunk, grunge and emo scenes, they bring a high energy form of alternative rock partnered with passionate lyrics and a variety of subject matter. In the cold winter of nowhere by dark supremacy, released 06 november 2015 1. The band now delivers unspoken, the epic first single from the bands new album due in 2019. The wild swans, the granite shore, the distractions, revolutionary army of the infant jesus, the june brides, the everlasting yeah, john howard and factory star. High priest execrations norway second album, odes of the occult contains 9 tracks of vicious, evil death metal.

Although sinistral king features members from established metal bands, this glorious black metal album does not really sound like those works. The group draws heavily on hip hop and electronic influences and utilizes samples to define their sound. Pro dubbed tape with 17 tracks from occult punk gang affiliated acts. Ritual stance a touch of light on bare shoulder cdr by occult supremacy, released 26 january 2019 1. Lykaionas litanies of the black occult 7ep beverina. Split with grim van doom by cult of occult, released 15 march 2017 1. Ritualia stramonium pure northern darkness a tribute to immortal ab luna lucenti, ab noctua protecti in nostrum maleficium vehementia vocat spiritum morti i.

Adventures of the royal occultist follow charles st. Carelian satanist madness by satanic warmaster, released 30 june 2005 1. For fans of east coast, west coast, and texas hardcoremetal 12 years, released 23 may 2015 1. Antighost are an alternative rock band that emerged from the midwest. The doctrine of flesh discography cdr occult supremacy. Based out of chico northern california to read more, visit our website. Ilabrat xul expositor of the black scriptures cdr by occult supremacy. Night without end by occvlta, released 09 june 2017 1. Occult by opened paradise, released 01 january 2006 1. I love when debut albums come from out of nowhere and land with absolutely devastating force, as is the case with serpent uncoiling.

Lykaionas litanies of the black occult 7ep by lykaionas, released 02 february 2015 1. Rites of barbaric demons by demonomancy, released 26 september 2011 1. Occultist covers comps splits, released 17 february 2015 1. Slaughterday formed in 2010, slaughterday plays vintage death metal exclusively. Occult wisdom vinyl release available now a power trio in spirit, the pummeling solos and bluesrock licks are refreshingly outmoded, an open window that visibly lays bare the psychedelic hues of a bygone era that unquestionably needs more exposure when its this good. Tenebrious ascetic hedonism split cdr occult supremacy.

Supremacy supremacy is houston, texas hardcoremetal est. We also work closely with fishrider records of dunedin. The deli magazine make fire, released 29 september 2017 1. Founded 2003 in paris, debemur morti productions is a renowned independent record label with an impressively diverse catalogue of over 170 releases to date. Closer occult is the outcome of hard work and it fully represents the emotional status of the band. Tenebrious ascetic hedonism split cdr by occult supremacy, released 14. Chaos divine leading audiences and listeners through a journey of uncompromising arrangements, crushing heavy riffs and soaring melodies, perths enigmatic prog metal fivepiece chaos divine have well and truly immersed themselves in a realm of sound and style matched by few, and admired by many. Fimbulwinter by satanic warmaster, released 14 november 2014 1.

All proceeds go to brigate volontarie per lemergenza to help support our community during the covid19 epidemic. Discover whats missing in your discography and shop for occult supremacy releases. Includes unlimited streaming of vivi nel 2020 benefit brigate volontarie via the free bandcamp app, plus highquality download in mp3, flac and more. Joy division, leaders of men 1980 martin hannett sessions 7. Grails mysteries amorphis cover one of the most morbid and bloodiest death metal bands from. Ilabrat xul expositor of the black scriptures cdr occult supremacy. Winters hunger recorded at the satanic metal temple before beltane 20 and 2014 a. Cyprian, royal occultist, and his assistant ebe gallowglass as they dare to do battle with with the forces of darkness for god, king and country. Initially a primary champion of underground black metal, over time the label has branched out to explore all facets of extreme music, maintaining a coherent vision where exceptional physical products. Satanicpornocultshop is a japanese experimental music group known for assemblagestyle compositions that incorporate a variety of musical styles and techniques. Shooting star jupiter jax sail into remix all is full of light and obscure night together, since neither has any share of nothing. Odes of the occult by execration, released 26 july 2011 1.

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